Conversions – learn about our potentials

Converting your equipment means changing the status quo. With TMQS you can be sure that this change will happen in the best way. From classic to special conversion projects, we stand ready to provide our customers with solutions of greatest value for each task.

Size conversion

Demands are changing. If you need to convert your filter, cigarette or tube maker to a different format, TMQS is your source for premium quality format conversion kits. Well proven, great value.
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Conversion to improved sub-assemblies

Raise the bar and use improvements that let you gain flexibility, save cost, increase efficiency and life time or reduce noiase level.
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Special conversion

Design, Engineering, Realisation. With our diverse approach, TMQS can provide conversions for manifold machines and functions. We convert to your requirement with utmost care and highest quality to give you the best value of your future solution.
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Sounds interesting? We are happy to discuss the next conversion project with you! Feel free to contact us :