The TMQS 100 % leather strips

High quality leather strips with long life-time. Budget saving




TMQS offers high quality, budget saving spare parts. Within these are the leather strips for different VE units, made of high-quality leather material providing long working life in the machine, making them a very valuable component to use. Give the TMQS leather strips a try and convince yourself of the quality, lifetime and price advantage.

Part Description (English)TMQS Part NumberRepl. for OEM Part NumberRepl. for OEM Drawing Number
Leather stripQ10349100N3679292-000-00101DR113
Leather stripQ16722000N3788733-000-001132DR2
Leather stripQ10078200N3812804-000-001144DR18
Leather stripQ10078300N3817164-000-001144DR19
Leather stripQ17939500N1011321-000-0044DRA83
Leather stripQ17939600N1006989-000-0044DRA84