Conversion to new suction roller

Set of 12 cutting edges

Set of 12 cutting edges

Combining the benefit of separate cutting edges with plates that can easily be taken off and put back on. This eases cleaning and format changes don’t lead to a new roller – only ordering of a fitting set of plates. The roller body is usable for all formats.


  • Long lifetime of the drum, no wear and tear on roller body
  • Money savings: only cutting edges and segments are required in future
  • Standardisation: different machines can use the same type of improved roller
  • Only a few full assemblies needed in stock for converted machines in production
  • Quick format change: Only replacement of segments with fitting hole pattern
  • Easy cleaning: Plates can be taken off and put back on easily

The conversion kit is required only once and includes all required parts to replace your current suction roller with the improved TMQS version.