Precise cut is the matter of art

The tipping unit with eleven knives is well proven and widely spread around cigarette production facilities around the world. A weak spot of this sub-assemblies is the cutting head and its knives, which are made of a combination of steel and tungsten carbide. The adjustability as well as the maintainability are considerably worse compared with other types of tipping units, e.g. the newer shear-cut tipping unit.

Addressing this issue, TMQS now provides a new cutting head with a different knife design, allowing the usage of knives completely made out of tungsten carbide. The new design is easier to maintain as well as to adjust and the knife design is more durable and simpler compared to the current system. Nonetheless, the basic handling is the same which is why neither operating nor maintenance personnel require extensive training.

The conversion to the new cutting head is done in a glance. The complete cutting head is delivered pre-assembled, with corresponding documentation and just needs to be exchanged with the existing one. Afterwards a basic set up of the cutting head must be achieved. The conversion kit as well as the cutting head are already well proven.


Application of the cutting head with slim knife design
Depending on the requirements, TMQS may provide a conversion kit or single parts for the roller. Installation may be achieved on all tipping units equipped with a 11 knives pressure cut system, e.g.: