The TMQS impeller for cigarette makers. Improved components for a long life time. Budget saving.

Impellers of vacuum fans undergo heavy wear and tear. The replacement of impellers can lead to extended down times. TMQS has conducted extensive tests of impellers of different materials, coatings, and blade geometrics. The gained experiences are reflected in the new, open impeller VE design. The optimized blade geometry, material strength, as well as the usage of specially developed materials make the new TMQS impeller to become more wear resistant, to increase its vacuum power, to reduce heat development, and to have an increased life time.

Description      OEM Nr. Drawing Nr. TMQS Nr.
Impeller 5795909-000-01 102DR79-1 Q00933501N
Impeller 2995412-000-01 102DR80-1 Q00933600N
Impeller M5 1068680-000-00 U102DRB12 Q17944300N
Impeller M8 1592425-000-00 U102DRB18 Q18048300N
Housing / Worm 3577538-000-01 2DR70-1 Q10591800N
Cover 7435673-000-04 102DR67-4 Q10097404N
Flange 7207476-000-00 102DR68 Q10079800N
Flange 3005518-000-00 102DR56 Q00243200N
Shaft 3005380-000-00 102DR58 Q00243501N
Belt pulley
(more formats available)
3814920-103-00 102DR18F.103 Q0024261030N