Nozzle and needles for glue application – less stops on your highway

Each cigarette or filter rod starts its life here: At the moment of rod forming, combining separate components into one single rod. It is extremely important to provide the right amount of glue onto the filter, cigarette or tipping paper, no matter if applying cold or hot glue.

TMQS provides a wide range of different nozzles and corresponding needles for your Protos and KDF machines, supporting wide variants used in old versions up to modern M-generation equipment, with diameters in wide range from 0,8 until 2,2 mm. There are two different high quality types of nozzles available in TMQS portfolio: full ceramic and mixed versions (metallic body and ceramic nozzle tip).

Ceramic shows very long life-time due to high resistance to wear-and tear in comparison with the standard metallic version, however it requires accurate handling during the installation of full ceramic version nozzles. TMQS provides very attractive prices for the full ceramic versions, making it one of our best sellers in the tobacco world.