Efficiency kits

The Efficiency Kit 85%+ is not a standard product; it rather is to be called a state-of-the-art concept, because it is designed on a modular base, that allows application on several types of machines.

Our engineers are capable of analysing and pinpointing the critical parts, not only because of their deep engineering and machinery know how, but also because of the inside into special problems during the production process. Unlike the unspecific traditional full rebuild the TMQS Efficiency Kit concept concentrates on the real important parts and components of the machine.

Using state-of-the-art technology including upgrades and speedups, the Efficiency Kits 85%+ fulfill the requirement of our customers for a technological upgrade to the standard of new machines, at a reasonable budget. First class parts and components, and many improvements allow us to give you the security of the remarkable warranty of 85 % + efficiency - equiling the OEM guarantee you get for brand new machinery.

Efficiency Kits are presently available for all single rod Protos, KDF-2, HCF-80, Magomat-80, Resys, Filtromat-S2.

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