Spare parts

Our new facilities allow us to provide the most important spare parts in stock, to reduce downtimes of your machinery, when ever possible.

TMQS-Worldwide approved supplier of

high quality spares, assembly groups, rebuild of machinery, efficiency kits, electrical kits, service kits and format changes for PROTOS and KDF, Tube maker, online Multiplex and pulsed laser, service engineering and consulting.

We are specialists for your:

PROTOS, Tubemaker, AF/KDF, Filtromat, KT-Cutter, Magomat, Comflex, HCF, RTS, RESY.

Our portfolio of 12.000 high quality spare parts for Hauni machines, - mostly made in Germany - are produced with the most modern manufacturing methods from well-developed materials, for low wear characteristics and minimized maintenance requirements.

Their high quality standard is guaranteed by strict computer aided inspection of every incoming part without exception.

Ask us for budget friendly annual contracts.